Children's Internet Guide

  • 1) Never give any personal information online without parents permission.
  • 2) Never give your real name use a nickname and never give your email, phone number, school, picture or credit card numbers to anyone on the Internet.
  • 3) Never tell anyone your password (except your parents) and choose a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  • 4) Never answer any message that makes you uncomfortable. Tell your parents right away.
  • 5) Never meet anyone that you have come to know on the Internet.
  • 6) Never open links, files, emails or pictures from people that you do not know. Always ask your parents first.
  • 7) Rules to follow so you can act responsibly on the Internet:
  • a) Never send rude or insulting messages.
  • b) Do not remove any filters your parents have put on the computer.
  • c) Never take pictures, words or sounds from someone else's website, unless you get permission.
  •  d) Do not believe everything you read on the Internet. When doing research check where the information has come from and make sure with a parent, librarian or teacher.
  • e) Never buy anything over the Internet. Let your 
    parents do the buying.


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