Ice cream truckAbout  Lickety's.
Most people think Ice Cream Trucks are all the same and not many can distinguish the difference between trucks; but, at Lickety’s you can.
First of all, we are your regular ice cream vendor, who comes to your neighbourhood every day, at the same time, with a smile on our face.

We are honoured to serve you and proud to be the neighbourhood ice cream truck that you come to over the years and after all this time, we still have good ice cream and famous cool treats.

We offer you ice cream, a wide variety of products like popsicles, cold drinks, smoothies, slush and blizzards.

For a product list check our product page.

Contact Information

Ask Tony a question.When contacting Lickety’s, please provide us with the type of gathering, estimated number of guests, date, time and the location of your function.

For more information, please contact us at licketys@licketys.com or call us at 416- 939-4084 Thanks
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