Ice cream funnies

This is our collection of funny things people say or do, when they come to our trucks.

A drunk gentleman came one night and asked for sundae. "What kind of a sundae sir?"  I asked. He said, "scutterbotch," So, I asked him again, "Did you mean butterscotch?" He said,  "Yes, scutterbotch."

A little boy was looking at the menu, so I asked him what he would like and he said, " Can I have a potsicle (popsicle) please."

A little guy was at the window and I asked him, "Can I help you?" He said, "Yes, can I have I keem please."

Or can I have a splash (slush) please

A girl came to my truck with a rubber ducky around her waist, on top of her clothes. I asked her, "What's with the rubber ducky?" and she said, "I'm very hyper today." Hmmmm...

For the past 10 years I have a customer that always places the same order when he comes to my truck, rum & raisin. I always give him vanilla, since we don't have rum & raisin and I ask him, "Is this what you want sir?" He always replies, "Yes." 

A gentleman and his pre-school son came and asked me for a vanilla cone for his son. When the boy was handed the cone the father said,  "What do you say?" The boy replied, "Thank you." Then the father placed his order and when I gave him his cone, the little boy said, "What  do you say dad?" The father started to eat his cone, so the boy asked him again,  "DAD, what do you say?" The father was puzzled, " I don't know. What son?" "Thank you," said the boy.

A teenager  was running towards my truck and when he stopped in front of the window I noticed he was wearing one white shoe and one black sandal Are we in a hurry or what???


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